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What two ladies are doing this Summer

I had the pleasure of both meeting and getting to know these two lovely ladies.  They invited me to a jewelry party a couple of months back & I was just intrigued by their story and wanted to share it here with you.  This is an interview from my friend, Kelly.  Read as she shares about her journey in blessing the Mercy House in Kenya along with her good friend (and mine) Christi Knight. Enjoy!
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1) So how did you come to hear about the Mercy House of Kenya and how did the connection between you & Christi Knight form for MH?
There were brochures at the event about hosting a craft and jewelry party for The Mercy House. I remember thinking, "that's nice," but I would NEVER do anything like that on my own. After Maureen finished talking, Christi and I looked at each other, wide-eyed. We just couldn't believe all we had just heard. It was hard to process all at once. Christi read over the brochure in front of her, turned to me and asked, "Would you like to do this, together?" Without hesitation, I said yes. At that moment, I knew why God had brought us to this event.
Christi and I talked about how, as busy moms, we often feel like we're not contributing to the world as much as we'd like. Yes, we are investing in our families, and that is our number one priority after God, but we felt like there was more. There was more that we could do, and Mercy House gave us an outlet in which to do it. We may not be able to leave our little ones and go on a missions trip to a foreign country, but there are no lesser or greater service areas in God's eyes. He looks at the intentions and motivations of the heart.

2) What was it about MH that struck a cord within you that led you to becoming further involved with it? One of the big things that struck a cord in me about The Mercy House is that they are rescuing pregnant girls from the most deplorable of circumstances imaginable. I have never seen with my eyes anything close to the conditions Maureen described. They found one of the girls wringing out a dirty rag, trying to get just a few drops of water for her newborn to drink. Most have been raped, by family and/or people they don't know. Some of their families force them into prostitution in exchange for food. Most pregnant girls in Kenya try to abort their babies numerous times. They do not view their babies as a gift from God. They view them as just another mouth to feed. Most are exiled from their families when they find out they are pregnant. I could go on and on. The Mercy House is a picture of redemption in every way. It is beautiful.
3) Tell us a little bit more about what you know about the jewelry or the ladies at MH?
All of the jewelry and crafts are made by the girls themselves. In fact, most of the items come with a card that has the girl's name on it who made your item. I just think it is so neat that something as simple and fun as buying and wearing a beautiful necklace can help a woman on the other side of the world become self-sufficient.

4) What else would you like the readers to know about the jewelry at the Mercy House and how can we support it?
There are several different ways that you can learn more and keep up with The Mercy House.
Follow The Mercy House on Facebook!
Founder Kristen Welch blogs at and is on FB at We are THAT family.

Can One Necklace Really Make a Difference?

What can my $15 really do?
(To give you a frame of reference, the average wage for a Kenyan day job is $1)

$3 from each necklace is put into an account for each girl's future (to start her own business, attend college, etc.)

$2 pays for three nutritious, healthy meals for each day per pregnant girl, nursing mother

$3 pays for intense, one-on-one counseling and therapy sessions per girl

$1 per day, per girl pays for clean water

$2 per day, per girl pays for good prenatal, medical care

$4 per girl, per day pays rent for two weeks

Your purchase matters.

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